Easy to fasten kids’ clothes

While many Irish companies sell children’s clothes, few of them sell clothes designed and made in Ireland.

HappiClose are kids’ clothes with a difference. Easy to fit and easy to fasten children’s clothing made in Ireland they are the ideal way to dress wriggling babies. Special baby-soft Velcro is used for fastening. These clothes are highly adaptive, being particularly suitable for children who are difficult to dress. Parents of children with special needs find them a delight to use, and they encourage independent dressing in older toddlers. Fashionable, practical, comfortable, HappiClose makes dressing small children an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Kid’s clothes made in Ireland are a rarity. HappiClose are environmentally friendly with a very low carbon footprint, being designed and made locally. By buying HappiClose, you contribute to Irish employment, as well as helping the environment.


For more information on easy to fasten kids’ clothes call us at 087 2615375

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